Although involving additional fee, wrapping trees in the polyethylene net significantly reduces the overall costs. The branches of the wrapped trees are immobilized, which lowers the risk of damage. Furthermore, the wrapped trees take up less space, which facilitates moving them and reduces rhe costs of transport. Click net to read about the possible methods of wrapping.
We strongly recommend this additional service, as the benefits derived from it exceed its cost.



Just like in case of wrapping, palleting significantly reduces the space required for storing or transporting the trees, which lowers the overall costs. Using pallets, we are able to fit from 1000 t0 2400 trees in one truck (depending on the size of the trees). We use special hydraulic palleting machines to form pallets of trees. We are able to build such machines to order. Click machines to read more about this.

Sharpening the stemsostrzenie_m

With the use of special machines, we can efficiently sharpen stems of our trees. This service is relatively cheap and it significantly increases the attractiveness of the trees.