Offer – Machines

Having grown and sold trees for many years, we designed and created a number of machines which make the storage and distribution of trees more efficient. To a special order, we are able to construct any of the machines presented below.

Tree Wrapping Machinepakowarka2_s

The hydraulic tree wrapping machine is an invaluable tool in wholesale. It allows wraping trees in the net sleeves of smaller diameter than in the case of manual wrapping (34mm or even 25mm instead of 45mm). This significantly reduces the cubature of the wrapped trees, which is particulary important in large-scale freight. Morover, the wrapping machine saves time and does not require the use of physical strenght.

Palleting Machinepaleciarka1_s

The specially designed palleting machine allows packing trees in pallets, which significantly reduces the costs of storage and transport. Thanks to the palleting machine, we are able to fit on one truck from 1000 up to 2400 trees.