Offer – trees

As the yearly vertical growth of firs is between 35 and 55cm, we offer trees in three basic sizes:

– 100cm- 150cm
– 150cm- 200cm
– 200cm- 250cm

In each of the above sizes, trees of first class (prime) and second class (standard) quality are available. Both prime and standard trees are of high quality – they have healthy, firm branches and dark-green, velvety needles. The two basic criteria of division into quality classes are:
– the number/density of branches
– the shape of the tree
Click on trees to read more about the division into quality classes.

The prices of the trees are established individually. They depend on the sort (size, class) and the number of ordered trees, on the cost of transport and additional services provided, such as wrapping the trees in polyethylene net or stem sharpening.